New Deal Home Improvement Company Inc., 141 E 8th St, Brooklyn, NY 11218

 Contact: (718) 233-1242

DCA License # 2047899

Welcome to New Deal Home Improvement.

We are a  worker owned construction and remodeling company dedicated

to serving our customers with quality, integrity and care. 

Our goal is to make your investment in your home

valuable and comfortable for years to come.

New Deal Home Improvement Company is dedicated to providing quality home improvement contracting to projects throughout our city. We build with sustainable and energy efficiency practices and commit to developing a skilled workforce in home improvement construction. Several of our founding members collaborated on the New York-Nicaragua Construction Brigades in the 1980’s, and altogether, have over 150 years of experience using our construction skills for good jobs, solidarity and sustainability.

We are proud to have on our team certificate holders  in GPRO Fundamentals from the Urban Green Council and graduates of the Coop Academy at Green Worker Cooperatives