New Deal Home Improvement Company Inc., 141 E 8th St, Brooklyn, NY 11218

 Contact: (718) 233-1242

DCA License # 2047899

Our Story

In 2016 we gathered to consider a new kind of way of doing business. Several of us had worked together in the 1980’s founding and contributing to the New York-Nicaragua Construction Brigade. At the time our government was waging a covert war against a nation who had just won its independence. Our support, like many other North Americans on the side of peace, was to show up and build what was needed. Building houses and schools, we brought our construction skills with our passion for peace. Each one of us remained motivated to work for social change. 30 years later, with a wide range of constrcution expereinces behind us, we decided to start a worker-owned cooperative, dedicated to home improvement in our city with a team that learns and earns together.


We spent the first year applying our combined knowledge and experiences to New Deal Home Improvement Company. We participated in the Greenworker Academy in the Bronx, and began to develop our cooperative business skills together.


We collectively point to over 150 years of combined histories of commitments to solidarity and sustainability. Here is a list of some of the places and projects we

dedicated our passions and labor to over the years:

Habitat for Humanity | Homesteading and Squatting LES, South Bronx

Pre-apprenticeship Job Training | Union Apprenticeship Training | Green Jobs Training

Energy Efficiency | Nicaragua Solidarity | Permaculture in Thailand | New Orleans/Katrina Relief

Occupy Sandy | Cuba Caravans | Pastors for Peace | Black Hills Survival Gathering 

Standing Rock | Young Lords | Peace Corp | Bernie Campaign