New Deal Home Improvement Company Inc., 141 E 8th St, Brooklyn, NY 11218

 Contact: (718) 233-1242

DCA License # 2047899

Guiding Principles as stated December

2016 upon our formation.


  • Perform excellent craftsmanship

  • Bring Spirit and Heart into our work

  • Stay true to our values and ideals to affect change

  • Act with integrity - build trust among each other

  • Develop fundamental and advanced abilities

  • Live outside the box (and the boss)

  • Broaden our field of concerns

  • Take responsibility for our mistakes

  • Welcome criticism and admit faults

  • Commit to diversify our team

  • Connecting as Humans to our Earth and our Heaven/Sky

  • Provide a source of income for ourselves and our families

  • Build stronger and healthier communities

  • Practice safe and green construction practices

  • Provide opportunities for positive career paths

  • Think about what is best for the whole team

  • Cultivate active listening skills

  • Understand that customers/vendors/subcontractors/building management and the neighbors are all part of the team that we bring into collaboration to provide the rare thing of beauty!


We are dedicated to serving our customers with quality, care and integrity with our worker owned construction and remodeling company. Our goal is to make your investment in your home valuable and comfortable for years to come.