New Deal Home Improvement Company Inc., 141 E 8th St, Brooklyn, NY 11218

 Contact: (718) 233-1242

DCA License # 2047899

The Home Improvement Workers Guild is an outgrowth of 

New Deal Home Improvement Company,

a worker-owned cooperative formed in NYC in 2016. 


We decided to pivot to answer an industry challenge…

and with support from The Workers Lab, we are doing it!


The Home Improvement Workers Guild begins now!


We are a network of home improvement workers and small companies committed to our customers with quality home repairs and remodeling 

while dedicated to the craftspeople who do the work with care for community wealth building.



  • We connect homeowners to a network of tradespeople with appropriate skills and professional licenses. 

  • We have membership for tradespersons and small businesses that uses a cooperative model for shared ownership of the network and democratic engagement of all members.

  • We collaborate with training and business development organizations to bring opportunities for skill enhancement to every worker and small business owner in our network.

  • We intentionally bring local businesses and tradespeople together with community improvement initiatives to practice core principles for community wealth building.